2018 Marda Loop Call For Proposals

Marda Loop is looking for a big and visible artwork to install as part of Beakerhead 2018!

Who is Eligible?

This Call for Proposals is open to anyone. Artist-and-engineer teams will be given preference because, well, this is Beakerhead. There are engineering considerations involved in the installation of large scale artworks. Inflatables must consider wind and weight, etc. Public safety is a top concern. It will help if you have an affinity for the bold and creative. The artist or team must be able to execute the work with minimal additional additional support. Consultation services of an engineer will be provided by Beakerhead.

Staging and Exhibition

The artwork produced will be built in the summer, installed in early September, and presented during Beakerhead for the full five days, September 19-23, 2018. The artist is expected to be in Calgary for opening of the exhibition and to provide a public presentation sometime during the five days of Beakerhead.

Criteria and Information

LOCATION: 33 Ave and 20 St SW, Calgary (see pictures)

DIMENSION: Approx 20- 30 feet tall/long for a single inflatable. Up to 20 feet for multiple pieces that compose a whole (for example, the five tentacles in a previous Beakerhead.) Wraps are possible. Or some combination of the above. Or other!

INSTALLATION AND DEINSTALLATION: Two days to install and de-install

MATERIALS: All materials must meet North American fire safety codes

ARTIST FEE: $5,000 plus personal expenses up to $500

BUDGET: Beakerhead will cover the costs of the fabrication and installation. Please propose a materials budget in your application no greater than the artist fee.

ADDITIONAL: Preference will be given to a project that:
• Offers a delightful and thought-provoking experience at the crossroads of art and engineering
• Uses the building well
• Is unusual or unexpected. There needs to be some science or engineering involved. By that criteria, almost anything fits! Very loosely, Beakerhead has a theme of “bridges” this year, in case that helps to inspire. The artwork need not fit into this theme, it’s just a thought starter.

Important Dates and Deadlines *exact dates may change

Feb 15: Call for proposals issued

March 1 and 2: Site open house, 3 - 5 pm on both days

April 12: Deadline for submissions

May 1: Confirmation of the successful proposal

June 30: Final design and fabrication details approved

July-August: Fabrication

Sept 17 – 18: Install

Sept 19 – 23: International premiere at Beakerhead!

Sept 24 – 25 Strike