Get Involved: Street Crew Kick-Off

April 18, 2017 @ 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Beakerhead HQ
200 Barclay Parade Southwest Unit B03

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The BEAKERHEAD STREET CREW hits Calgary streets year-round to raise awareness about Beakerhead.

Through bizarre public interactions and word of mouth promotion, this team will help augment the public’s experience by creating an amazing Beakerhead presence year-round across the community. Crew members will act as ambassadors, interacting with people at year-round festivals and events (such as Pride Parade, Maker Faire, the Calgary Stampede, etc.) and build community awareness.

You can expect the following from your team’s first meeting:

  • Meeting your future team members
  • Meeting your Beakerhead liaison Jasmine
  • Learning more about timelines and schedules
  • Road mapping for 2017 Street Crew activities

By the end of the meeting, the preliminary crew will be formed. A plan will be devised for how to structure teams to divide and conquer!