September 17, 2016 @ 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm
McDougall Road NE and 9 Street NE, Calgary, AB

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Science has a street party!

Prepare for a night full of quirky surprises in a massive outdoor gallery of art and engineering. Beakernight will illuminate the streets of Bridgeland with interactive works and performances, live music, the Beakerbar, (including Absolut cocktails) – and of course, the odd can-crushing cow, human-sized hamster wheel as well as the international public premiere of Calgary’s own Blazin’ Lily Gals and their fire-breathing botany, just to name a few. Find your true self at the crossroads of art, science and engineering1

Entertainers will be on hand at the balloon and crane rides to entertain those standing in line!

Spoken Flow YYC

Calgary performance collective. We build creative momentum with an art flow of spun words and spinning props toys. Poetry! Hoop dance! Improv! Poi! Fans! Fibre Flies! Wings! We Have all shapes of story to hear and story to see. We are English Nerds and Circus. Nerds having the best Party. Be ready for anything.

By the way, there is no dress code. Really. This is a time to show the true you – as wild and wacky or as simple and true as you feel in your inner core. Show up!

Feel free to light up the night or purchase a glowing finger light as you arrive!

Click here for a list of road closures for Beakernight! Consider taking the CTrain to Bridgeland Station or, ride your bike!

Click here for an overview of all the crazy fun things landing at Beakernight!

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